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There’s nothing quite like the SkyChi experience. We pride ourselves in being the place you can’t wait to get to and never want to leave.  


Dr. Rai Harris

Hey there!


I'm Dr. Rai - pronounced RYE (yes, exactly like the bread)


Some fun things about me:

  • Sports are life, but baseball and softball take the cake
  • Tator tots will always be better than fries
  • I hope to have mermaid hair one day
  • A good pedicure makes a great day better

The Doc Deets

  • BA in Sports Medicine from Westminster College
  • DC from Logan University
  • Webster Technique Certified via International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
  • Torque Release Technique Fellow via The Holder Institute
  • Schaefer Protocol Certified via The Truth About Fertility

Office Manager

Jake Klaus

What's good fam?


I'm Mr. Jake - aka Mister Green Light


Some fun things about me:

  • I really should have been a pro gamer
  • Kids are better than most adults in my mind
  • In a former life, I cleared the streets of criminals
  • I'd trade places with a fish any day
  • Panda bears are life

What do I do in the office?

  • Greet you and your family with a smile
  • Keep the children entertained. (Red light, green light anyone?)
  • Your initial consultation
  • Answer all of your billing and scheduling questions
  • Be the ultimate listener. Whatever you need, I'll make it happen.

What is SkyChi (pronounced Sky-Ky) is short for Skyline Chiropractic. Often, people wonder why we would choose such a strange name for a Chiropractic office. Dr. Rai always wanted something memorable and fun. According to her, skylines are the ultimate beacon of arrival. Whenever a person arrives in a new city, whether by car, bus, plane, or train, you know you’ve made it when you see the skyline of your destination city. We want those same feelings of anticipation and excitement when you see our skyline. What exciting adventures lie ahead? Where might you go? What might you discover? With the exceptional care here at SkyChi, the sky is the limit for your health goals. You have finally arrived where health and healing thrive. 

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1919 Gunbarrel Rd. 

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